What our Agent Engage Partners are saying

Agent Engage, is going to be our No. 1 most adopted Best Practice Tool this year as it allows us to have a Conversation, use our Unique Value Proposition Message, in order to give our Partners and Prospects the ability to get the Largest, most Comprehensive Real Estate Resource Center in America, with our Top Broker and Realtor Partner’s sharing their Top Listing Presentations, Marketing Pieces and Script Books to assist all of the FNTG Family to help our Stakeholders GROW in 2015.

Steve De Laveaga Fidelity National Title Group | Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing

There is rarely a resource so compelling that real estate agents reach out to me after hearing my elevator speech at their weekly office meeting. Breakthrough Broker clearly fills a much needed void for agents – help with marketing materials and lead generation. Additionally, it saves me time from helping agents develop content and design personalized, promotional pieces. Breakthrough Broker is a tremendous resource for us all!

Katie Reiners Ticor Title | Assistant VP/Sales Executive

We have been with breakthroughbroker.com as an affiliate for over a year now and feel it's one of the best marketing and branding programs we are doing in the markets we are in. Our company is getting well rounded exposure into the Realtor community and our LO's are seeing ROI from their efforts implementing the program

Nancy Smith Caliber Mortgage | Regional Manager

It was great!!! Your material and lay out of your teaching was perfect!!! I am so glad that I reached out to you. I am going to share with my team about it. I still want to learn more about your website and take notes and want to be able to really learn it. Thank you Eric for all your help!! You saved the day!

Patty Carabio Old Republic Title Agency

From an agent to one of our BB Partners

Denise, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. EVERYTHING you send through is gold! I love all the "gifts" you give us realtors. All your tips and things we can use for our business are amazing. I feel very happy that I'm on your email list and even share your tid-bits with some of my agent friends! Thanks for taking care of me, you do an amazing job and its appreciated!!!

Thank you for everything that you do!!! I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Janet, the owner of [name withheld]… She is one of the top real estate agents here in the Denver area and we had her out for a happy hour last night (she currently is not doing business with us). Her and I began talking and she said that she’s been really impressed with First American lately… I asked her if there was anything in particular that we’ve been doing that’s impressed her and she said that we had an amazing class about two months ago… (it was a title commitment class with Carl Laffin). After the class she said she started to receive these “marketing” e-mails… I asked her… What kind of marketing e-mails she was referring to… She said, “it’s from a company called Breakthroughbroker…” I said GREAT news, those guys are incredible!

She went on to say that she has never received anything like this from the title company she is working with or ANY other company… EVER. As a result of breakthrough broker it looks like we have the opportunity to start doing business with her!!

Thanks for everything you and Nathan do for us, it is incredible how much support you guys are! Have a great weekend!

Ben Gosz First American Title | Account Executive

I just wanted to Thank you guys for all of your support!!!! We are picking up market share every month and it’s because of Breakthrough Broker!!!!!

Chad Felix Western Title Company | Vice President Sales and Marketing

I wish Breakthrough Broker was around when I started my real estate career 19 years ago. What a fantastic resource for new and experienced agents. Now it serves as a fantastic tool for me as a Broker helping our 60 agents identify great ideas to help grow their business. The delivery method of Breakthrough Broker is perfect and professional with a very easy way to understand and use the ideas presented. Special thanks to Western Title Company for providing something of value like this to Sierra Nevada Properties.

Broker/Owner Sierra Nevada Properties

I use bb everyday and love it. It's basically an agents one stop shop for all their marketing. From creating newsletters, prospecting letters, templates and what I like is all the other options for every segment of their business for the new agent to the experienced agent. It has talking points for even the most seasoned agent. So for me, it's an easy way to gain meaningful face time w individuals who can direct us business.

Lastly, Eric Sachs is the most attentive partner I have experienced thus far. He goes out of his way to do webinars and will even record certain segments for your execs so they can just hit play for large groups and maybe aren't yet versed in all the benefits this one portal has to offer. I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to contact me direct if you would like more detailed information.

Valerie Grijalva Chicago Title | Vice President Nevada Resale
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